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Yotsuba&! Volume 13

よつばと! 第13巻

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Yotsuba heads over to the Ayase house early in the morning, where she shows off her souvenirs and demonstrates the sleeping bag for Asagi. Because her dad says he is too busy, Yotsuba bullies Fuuka into taking her to the park, where they meet her friend Mii and play in the sandbox, making taiyaki and pudding with sand molds. After her dad puts her to bed, Yotsuba wakes up and explores the dark house before finding her father working. The next morning, Ena helps Yotsuba decorate the house for her grandmother's visit before Yotsuba and her father meet her grandmother at the train station, who Yotsuba attempts to greet with a headbutt. Once they are home, Yotsuba receives souvenirs from her grandma. In the morning, Yotsuba helps her grandmother clean the street in front of the house and later, they clean the house once her grandmother believes Yotsuba is taking cleaning seriously. Yotsuba and her grandmother practice origami with Ena and run errands together before her grandmother has to leave, which Yotsuba attempts to prevent by hiding her luggage. The next day, Yotsuba is sweeping the street in front of the house when Yanda arrives and helps himself to the grilled onigiri Yotsuba had made with her grandmother; at bedtime, Koiwai transforms into Sleepyman to put Yotsuba to sleep.


  • 83. "Yotsuba & Sticks and Stuff" (よつばとスティックとか "Yotsuba to Sutikku toka")
    • Story date: 3 November [1]
  • 84. "Yotsuba & the Sandpit" (よつばとすなば "Yotsuba to Sunaba")
    • Story date: 4 November (daytime) [2]
  • 85. "Yotsuba & Night" (よつばとよる "Yotsuba to Yoru")
    • Story date: 4 November (night time) [3]
  • 86. "Yotsuba & Souvenirs" (よつばとおみやげ "Yotsuba to Omiyage")
    • Story date: 5 November [4]
  • 87. "Yotsuba & Cleaning" (よつばとそうじ "Yotsuba to Sōji")[5]
    • Story date: 6 November [6]
  • 88. "Yotsuba & the Black Monster" (よつばとくろいおばけ "Yotsuba to Kuroiobake") [5]
    • Story date: 6 November [7]
  • 89. "Yotsuba & Grandma" (よつばとばーちゃん "Yotsuba to Bā-chan")
    • Story date: 7 November [8]
  • 90. "Yotsuba & Her Day" (よつばといちにち "Yotsuba to Ichinichi")
    • Story date: 8 November [9]


  1. Asagi remarks that Yotsuba had arrived from camping "yesterday."
  2. Takes place on the same day as chapter 85.
  3. Takes place on the same day as chapter 84 until midnight. Yotsuba tells her father that it was the forth.
  4. Yotsuba's grandmother arrives the next day as stated in the previous chapter.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Comes in two parts.
  6. Takes place on the same day as chapter 88.
  7. Yotsuba's grandmother states that she is leaving the next day and Koiwai mentioned that he told Yotsuba her grandmother would only be here for "three days".
  8. Yotsuba's grandmother's visit ends in this chapter.
  9. Koiwai mentioned that the dishes had not been washed "since yesterday."