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Yotsuba&! Volume 14

よつばと! 第14巻

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Koiwai buys a new round table for the office. He, Jumbo, and Yotsuba try it out by making bead necklaces with the beads Jumbo has just bought for Yotsuba. The men fool around for Yotsuba's amusement, only to find that she is so completely absorbed in making necklaces that she doesn't notice them.

Fuuka and Hiwatari invite Yotsuba to a complimentary yoga class. They claim the reason they're going is that yoga is good for 'health and beauty', but Koiwai surmises that the real reason is that they have gained weight. The girls find yoga much more demanding than they thought, but Yotsuba pulls off every pose flawlessly.

Yotsuba reads Cinderella and becomes obsessed with princesses. She puts ribbons onto packing string and ties the string to her pigtails to imitate long hair. She goes next door and Asagi shows her how to make a princess dress out of a white garbage bag.

Koiwai needs to travel to Tokyo to retrieve his younger sister Koharuko's car, so Yotsuba asks the Ayase sisters and Torako about where to go in Tokyo. She later shocks Koiwai, Jumbo and Yanda by mentioning Ginza and Daikanyama, two upmarket shopping districts, among the places she wants to visit.

The Koiwais travel to Tokyo and Yotsuba successfully navigates the ticket barrier in the packed station. They visit Harajuku to eat cotton candy and crepes before meeting up with Koharuko in Yoyogi park. There, Yotsuba is frightened by some women dressed as aliens who appear to be practicing for a performance. Koharuko steps in to prevent Yotsuba from being 'abducted', and the three of them hop into Koharuko's car to go have a meal together at a buffet restaurant.


  • 91. "Yotsuba & Work" (よつばとしごと "Yotsuba to Shigoto")
  • 92. "Yotsuba & Yoga" (よつばとヨガ "Yotsuba to Yoga")
  • 93. "Yotsuba & Princesses" (よつばとお姫様たち "Yotsuba to Ohimesama-tachi")
  • 94. "Yotsuba & The Day Before" (よつばとその前日 "Yotsuba to Sono Zenjitsu")
  • 95. "Yotsuba & Tokyo" (よつばととうきょう "Yotsuba to Tōkyō")
  • 96. "Yotsuba & The Park" (よつばとこうえん "Yotsuba to Kōen")
  • 97. "Yotsuba & Lunch" (よつばとランチ "Yotsuba to Ranchi")