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Yotsuba&! Volume 15

よつばと! 第15巻

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Koiwai announces the time has come to set out the kotatsu, and Yotsuba helps pick up loose items around the room.

Yanda convinces Koiwai to purchase a blender, and teaches Yotsuba a simple recipe for banana smoothies. He frightens her by yelling the blender will explode, but after tasting the smoothie, Yotsuba forgives him.

On their way to the seashore to collect rocks, Yotsuba and Koiwai run into Ena and Miura; the two older girls are excited to join the rock-collecting expedition. The first spot they pick turns out to be a sandy beach with few rocks, but a strange man directs them to a better location where they collect many smooth and interesting rocks.

At the Ayase household, while comparing rocks with Ena, Yotsuba is lured away by the snacks Fuuka brought to her cram session with Miss Stake. Fuuka prepares a short test for Yotsuba as a break from her studies, and Miss Stake demonstrates origami for Yotsuba as well; at 4:30 pm, Yotsuba returns to her home, and the teens resume their studies, only to discover that Yotsuba has eaten all the snacks.


  • 98. "Yotsuba & Socks" (よつばとくつした, "Yotsuba to Kutsushita")
  • 91. "Yotsuba & Banana Smoothies" (よつばとバナナジュース, "Yotsuba to Bananajūsu")
  • 100. "Yotsuba & Rocks" (よつばといし, "Yotsuba to Ishi")
  • 101. "Yotsuba & Cramming" (よつばとしけんべんきょう, "Yotsuba to Shiken Benkyō")
  • 102. "Yotsuba & Paint" (よつばとえのぐ, "Yotsuba to Enogu")
  • 103. "Yotsuba & Books" (よつばとほん, "Yotsuba to Hon")
  • 104. "Yotsuba & Schoolbags" (よつばとランドセル, "Yotsuba to Randoseru")
  • 105. "Yotsuba &
  • 106. "Yotsuba &
  • 107. "Yotsuba &
  • 108. "Yotsuba &