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Yotsuba CD 1
CD cover art
Release date April 02, 2005
By Kuricoder Pops Orchestra (performer), Masaki Kurihara (composer)
Number of tracks 33
Catalog number GNCA-1042

Yotsuba&♪ (Japanese: 「よつばと!」イメージアルバム「よつばと♪」) is a Yotsuba&!-themed music CD that chronicles a typical day in Yotsuba's life. The album is composed by Masaki Kurihara and performed by Kuricoder Pops Orchestra, who also worked together on the Azumanga Daioh soundtrack. Since it is an "image album", there are also illustrations to go with the instrumental songs. It was released on April 02, 2005.

  1. Dawn (よあけ)
  2. Yotsuba wakes up (よつば、めをさます)
  3. Yotsuba wakes up Daddy (よつば、とーちゃんをおこす)
  4. Daddy goes back to sleep (とーちゃん、にどねする)
  5. Yotsuba wakes up Daddy (violently) (よつば、とーちゃんをおこす(はげしく))
  6. Yotsuba is hungry (よつば、おなかがすく)
  7. Making breakfast (あさごはんのしたく)
  8. Eating breakfast (あさごはんをたべる)
  9. Cleaning up (after breakfast) (あとかたづけをする)
  10. Yotsuba goes out (よつば、でかける)
  11. Yotsuba plays at the park (よつば、こうえんであそぶ)
  12. Yotsuba and Ena (よつばとえな)
  13. Drawing Together (ふたりでおえかき)
  14. Daddy works (とーちゃん、はたらく)
  15. Yotsuba is hungry (よつば、おなかがすく)
  16. Hungry march (はらへったおんど)
  17. Making lunch (ひるごはんのしたく)
  18. Eating lunch (ひるごはんをたべる)
  19. Nap (おひるね)
  20. A Summer afternoon(なつのごご)
  21. Drawing alone (ひとりでおえかき)
  22. Yotsuba's small-big adventure (よつばのちいさなだいぼうけん)
  23. Yotsuba and Daddy (よつばととーちゃん)
  24. Cool of the evening (ゆうすずみ)
  25. Going out with Daddy (とーちゃんとおでかけ)
  26. Shopping Song (オカイモノのうた)
  27. The way home (かえりみち)
  28. Making curry (カレーをつくる)
  29. Eating curry (very delicious) (カレーをたべる(とてもおいしく))
  30. Taking a bath (おふろにはいる)
  31. Today was also a fun day (きょうもいちにちたのしかった)
  32. Good night (おやすみなさい)
  33. See you tomorrow (またあした)