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Yotsuba&♪ Music Suite (General Winter)
音楽CD よつばと(音符記号)組曲「冬将軍」
Yotsuba CD 2
CD cover art
Release date November 22, 2006
By Kuricoder Pops Orchestra (performer, Masaki Kurihara (composer)
Number of tracks 15
Catalog number GNCA-1108

Yotsuba&♪ Music Suite (General Winter) (Japanese: 音楽CD よつばと(音符記号)組曲「冬将軍」) is the second Yotsuba&! music CD, this one focused on the season of winter. It depicts, among other things, Christmas and New Year's celebrations. General Winter is a personification of harsh winters, similar to Jack Frost. Like the previous album, it is composed by Masaki Kurihara and performed by Kuricoder Pops Orchestra, and as it is an image album, it includes illustrations to set the mood of the instrumental songs. The album was released on November 22, 2006.

  1. Prelude – Winter has arrived (序曲 冬将軍がやってきた)
  2. Piece 1 – Winter at the Koiwai House (第1曲 小岩井家の冬)
  3. Piece 2 – North Wind and Bicycles (第2曲 北風と自転車)
  4. Piece 3 – Scene with Kotatsu (第3曲 コタツのある情景)
  5. Interlude – Winter Sketches (1) (間奏曲 冬のスケッチ(1))
  6. Piece 4 – The Day Santa Comes (第4曲 サンタのくる日)
  7. Piece 5 – Yuletide Town (第5曲 師走の町)
  8. Interlude – General Winter's Might Grows, The Cold Gets Harsher (間奏曲 冬将軍の勢力は増し、寒さはいっそうきびしくな)
  9. Piece 6 – Spring Cleaning on New Year's Eve (第6曲 大そうじ、大みそか)
  10. Piece 7 – New Year's Day, Indoors and Outdoors (第7曲 お正月の室内と屋外)
  11. Interlude – Winter Sketches (2) (間奏曲 冬のスケッチ(2))
  12. Piece 8 – Heavy Snow Day (第8曲 大雪の日[全曲])
  13. Interlude – A Silver Snowscape. General Winter Decides to Prepare to Go Home (間奏曲 一面の銀世界。冬将軍は帰り支度を意識する)
  14. Piece 9 – Setsubun (Triumphantly) (第9曲 節分(鬼の首を取ったかのように))
  15. Finale – General Winter Departs, Then Comes the First of Spring (終曲 去ってゆく冬将軍、そして春一番)